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At Edmund Park, safety is paramount. All programs are delivered in accordance with our Risk Management Policies. Constant safety checks and strict supervision ensure all activities are completely safe.

Our list is always expanding. Please feel free to discuss options with us. By arrangement with you, programs can include some teacher run activities with lesson plans provided

Problem solving and initiative activities - This is another five part team building activity including a Spiders Web, Hoop Loop, the Meuse, Trolleys and the Matrix.

1. Spiders Web - Pass each member of the group through a separate web opening, without letting any part of the body touch any part of the web. Once a member uses an opening, that section is closed to further passage.

2. Hoop Loop – The idea of this activity is to rotate the group through three suspended hoops. This must be achieved while the group are holding hands.

3. The Meuse - To cross the “raging crocodile infested swamp” using only 3 planks of wood and one length of rope. The whole group and all equipment must make it without dropping anything or anyone into the ‘crocodile’s territory’. 4. Trolleys - The group must work together to find a way to move from one designated point to another, using only the trolleys as a vehicle to get there.

5. Matrix - The object of this activity is to move the group through the matrix, a horizontal cargo net. The activity can be run simply as stepping a certain pattern, similar to ‘Go, Go, Stop’, with the whole group following that pattern. Or it can be run more like a horizontal spider’s web, in which the group must traverse the matrix without touching any of the sides of each hole.

 Flying fox -300 metre Flying Fox will see you harnessed in and attached to a zip line, pushing your limits as you launch off the platform to an exhilarating ride to the end where one of our experienced instructors will help you dis-embark by ladder.

High and Low Ropes Courses- Designed to push participents to thier limits. Our High ropes course will see you balancing and navigating through obsticales at 8 metres above ground level. Low ropes course will give you hours of fun and push your senses to thier limits as you navigate thorugh obstacles that are unsual to say the least. 

Rock climbing wall - Challenge yourself and build team work skills while learning how to trust the rest of your group at Rock Climbing. Teams of at least 4 rotate through having a go at climbing and belaying their team mates up the wall. The first quarter of the wall is a rope web continuing onto a man-made wall with holds and climbs that suit all ages and skill levels.

Leap of Faith - After climbing a 13 metre solitary pole to a platform, push yourself one step further by stepping out into the open air for a quick 3 second drop to the ground. Although you'll be harnessed in to an auto-belay system, you will still feel that free fall adrenaline.

 Giant Swing - The Giant Swing challenges you to go beyond your normal comfort zone and be hauled to the highest point as the participant feels is necessary. Once this point is reached the participant can pull "The Rip Cord" and enjoy the giant swing experience. The max height of the swing is 15m. The group is responsible for hauling each participant up to the height of their choice.

 Archery - Go back to medieval times and have a go of the ancient sport of Archery. You will be using a bow and arrow to aim at a target 15 metres away. Try increasing your accuracy and acute skill with this great competitive sport while having fun with your friends to see who can hit the bull’s eye.

Nature studies / Bush walks – Students engage in some educational related discussion surrounding the importance of the bush and the significance the bush plays to the environment. Setting up a campfire, cooking damper and boiling some tea are a couple of the key elements that students will experience. Additionally, a nature walk allowing you to immerse yourself into the environment will provide a first-hand experience for all.

Orienteering - Orienteering is a group of sports that requires navigational skills using a map and compass to navigate from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain whilst moving at speed. Participants are given a topographical map, usually a specially prepared orienteering map, which they use to find control points.

Onsite campouts in tents - We offer camp out tents and all you need for a night out for your students