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Edmund Park

Many schools find Edmund Park is the perfect venue for extra-curricular activities.

Whether a school sport team, musical group, choir, arts or drama group, Edmund Park offers you the opportunity to escape from the distractions of every day life and focus on skills and team building.

We provide tailor-made programs that offer students rewarding and successful outcomes. These opportunities allow individuals to transfer their learning experiences back to their real world – at home or in the classroom. Through consultation with Edmund Park’s Curriculum Development Officer, these programs can also be directly linked to HPE, student wellbeing and pastoral programs, leadership and teambuilding initiatives or other areas of your school’s curriculum.

At Edmund Park, we can accommodate a single visit, or we can develop fully sequenced, year-by-year programs that give students the best chance to meet their personal development milestones. This includes any or all year level from Year 1 to 12.

Our service covers: organising all aspects of the program, staffing, catering, risk management, bus hire, and also includes utilising other venues in order to ensure that students are exposed to as many different opportunities as possible. This Full Service approach allows you to use Edmund Park as the single point of contact for all your requirements. Our Full Programming Service will save you time and money, and we will deliver a well-planned, comprehensive and rewarding experience for your staff and students.