Community Retreats

Build, grow and reunite.


Whether you're hosting a family reunion, bonding with your sports team, crafting with your group or reflecting in the wilderness, Edmund Park offers everything you need to make it a time to remember. Explore, learn and enjoy the land to your heart's content, then relax by the fire to say farewell to the day. Fill your appetite with incredible food and let the laughter of friends fill the silent night air.

No matter the occasion, we've got you covered.



Activities and Facilities

  • Bunk bed accommodation for over 150 guests (18 rooms)
  • Separate leaders accommodation with private lounge and amenities
  • Catering (self-catering permitted)
  • Dining and activity hall
  • Swimming pool
  • Tennis and basketball court
  • Fully floodlit facilities
  • Campfire locations
  • 160 acres of land to explore
  • Adventure activities

Our Services

Edmund Park provides group accommodation for a variety of user groups. Experience why we have an excellent reputation for our catering, providing a variety of balanced meals to fit all dietary requirements. Alternatively, we also allow self-catering.

You can also choose to take advantage of our fully-qualified instructors. After consultation with you, we will recommend the most appropriate activities for your outcomes. Alternatively, Edmund Park is a perfect venue for your own focused camp; whether a retreat, music camp, biology excursion or leadership camp.

booking POLICY

We require an initial deposit and completed Booking Form within two weeks of reserving your date to secure your camp. Contact us today to get started.